Shot the family Christmas Card this weekend. Probably cut it a little too close to lunchtime, and we had a very pouty Caroline to deal with. I worked around her for the most part, and basically got two usable frames of her with siblings, and even that took getting a ham sandwich into her just to pull it off. (Needless to say, those two are in the final product, and not here.)

For those who Kristina has on our list, I won’t blow the surprise of the final card, but I did want to share a couple of my favorite shots of Declan and Audrey. I’m pretty sure the two individual ones here will make it onto our walls in a nice 20×30 or so.

We’re already deep into booking season for 2009 around here, and I just wanted to give you a feel for what’s available and what’s almost gone at this point. With another June date coming off the board today, late spring is beginning to close up.

These dates are already booked:
March 27, 28
May 9, 16
June 6, 12, 13, 14
July 12, 18
October 9, 10, 11

In addition, I have multiple people looking at each remaining Saturday in May and June, so if you wait for the bridal shows, you may get shut out on your date. On the plus side, I still have April open, and late summer is still relatively untouched, although I expect that to change shortly.

I’m taking appointments for next week to talk about booking, so give me a call at 859.402.0634 right away to reserve a time!

Did a baby shoot yesterday for 6 month old Malachi and his parents, Dawn and Sam, yesterday. It’s amazing how much gear I can squeeze into A) my trunk, and B) a Brooklyn apartment’s living room.

So I’m with the family, visiting my folks in Long Beach, Long Island, and I’ve got a camera out, taking a photo of Caroline, who’s playing with a napkin on top of her head, pretending it’s a Pilgrim woman’s hat, when my brother starts giving a speech. Now, celebrating Thanksgiving with us are Tim’s girlfriend, Nadia, and her family. Well, as soon as Tim starts this, I have a feeling something’s up.

It was.

So, long story short, I’m not available Columbus Day weekend (Oct 9-12), because I get to be a groomsman for once. Congratulations, Tim and Nadia!


In other news, the 2009 pricelist is available on my website. The big news is that I’ve listened to your requests and a coffeetable book is now included in all coverages, with the option to upgrade to a premier quality album that reflects your personal style. Also, included with all premier albums is a DVD of all finished images– there’s no longer a requirement to buy parent books to get the DVD.

The schedule’s filling up quickly for 2009, so call for an appointment right away– next availability for meetings is December 16th.

It’s been a busy October around here. Shot in my eighth different state this year (Connecticut, for those of you scoring at home). Did headshots for a couple of my Lexington friends. Got to go to the PhotoPlus show at the Javits Center in New York as well, and took in seminars by wedding photographer Joe Buissink and commercial portraitist Michael Grecco, as well as all the great talks at the various booths by standouts like Vincent Laforet, Joe McNally, Cliff Mautner and others.

Even more important, however, was getting in some much needed time with my wife Kristina and our three wonderful kids. Caroline has really blossomed since starting preschool– everyday I’m amazed at how bright she is. Declan and Audrey finally moved out of their bassinets and are now upstairs in our house, finally in cribs. In a related story, Declan slept through the night for the first time last week. The little guys thoroughly enjoyed Halloween… Caroline went as Cinderella, Audrey wore a ladybug costume that Caroline had worn before her, and Declan was a monkey– and if you know how physical Dec is, then you know it was quite appropriate! One of the best moments was Caroline, with her hair up, and feeling pretty pleased with herself, greeting her grandmother at the door on Halloween, exclaiming, “Grandma! I’m gorgeous!” Can’t make this stuff up.

Yeah, this is a little overdue. Some of you have already seen these images through the Facebook site, but I wanted to get them up here as well.


Jennifer and Ben won our little contest to guess the twins’ birth dates earlier in the year. They looked at the target window, selected a date six months in advance of their wedding day, and hit it BANG! on the nose.

The bridesmaids and Jen got started at Euphoria in Palomar Center for hair by Kassi and Jennifer before proceeding on to the lovely Berry Hill Mansion in Frankfort for the festivities. The sun was skimming the treetops by the time of the wedding, giving us some excellent glowing light to work with.

I worked with Michelle Elliott of Studio E in Louisville, and we might have set up some more portraits than usual, but they were clearly worth it. As usual, most of the images follow my regular “Love Unscripted” style, however.

As always, more pictures available on the Facebook page…

I realize it’s been awhile since my last blog posting, but I’ve got the first of 4 weddings uploading to Facebook right now towards the next wedding post. It’s been a little crazy here, as I’m finishing out a string of 7 weddings, 4 states, 2 time zones in 22 days with a doubleheader this weekend, but before that, I’m running out the door this evening to do a stills shoot for a television production in Manhattan. Anyway, watch this space on Monday for some of my favorite moments of the Three Wedding Weekend!

Also, we’re getting well into booking season, and a number of dates have come off the board already. I’ve got meetings with 4 different brides next week, so you’d better hustle if you want to lock in your chosen date!

Thanks to everyone who came by the booth at yesterday’s bridal show at the Embassy Suites. Special thanks to Sarah and Brittany, two of this year’s brides, who stopped by during the day and put in a nice word for me here and there. Clearly, if I find out in advance of January’s show that I’m going to be surrounded by people distributing cake, punch, a white chocolate fountain and other goodies… I’ll have to bring in skewers of shrimp just to get in a word edgewise!

On a more serious note, I noticed some distinct trends in the wedding dates that you were telling me. The number one wedding date for next year is clearly going to be July 11th, or 7/11 for those of you scoring at home. Number two with a bullet on the list is May 30th– no coincidence that it’s the Saturday after the first week teachers are done with school! Some other dates that I heard a lot… July 25th, October 3 & 10, and of course, the big holiday weekends: May 24th (Memorial Day), July 4th, and September 5th (Labor Day). I still have all of those days open, but I don’t expect them to last long.

As always, the first bride to get a signed contract and a booking fee to me for that date will get the reservation. Don’t get shut out of your big day!

It’s been a great year for great wedding venues, and last weekend was no exception. Bethany and Ryan chose to get married at the gorgeous Acres of Land Winery in Richmond. If you haven’t been there, make the drive down I-75 and check out the tasting room and their restaurant as well. For those of you who like to try something different, I recommend the Vignoles (white wine) and especially the Chambourcin (a red you can chill).

For Bethany, after having her hair done at The Color Room, she went back to the nearby Doubletree Suites on Richmond Road in Lexington to meet up with her bridesmaids and get their makeup done. On one of my first Lexington visits, I stayed at what was then the Sheraton Suites, and it’s still a beautiful hotel– the interior balconies overlooking the lobby are one of my favorite features in any area hotel.

Bethany and Ryan had the actual ceremony in a section of the vineyard at Acres of Land called The Colonel’s Point. With the vineyard right next to you, you have the setup right along this area where the hill just falls away, to a tremendous view. Stunning.

After the ceremony and some formals, Bethany and Ryan escaped into the Barrel Room for a few moments alone and some portraits, before heading into their reception.

It was a beautiful day with a truly delightful couple! Many thanks to Jennifer Creed for helping with the second shooting!

See more on the Facebook page!

If it’s August, this must be… um, where am I? I’m finishing a string this weekend of 5 weekends, 5 weddings, 4 states. For those of you scoring at home, that’s Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia last weekend, and Massachusetts on Sunday.

Anyway, this past weekend, it was the New River Gorge in central West Virginia, a kayaker’s paradise. In fact, for North Carolinians Tiffany and Craig, two people who met on a river in their kayaks, this was where they’d gotten engaged, and this was the place they wanted to share with friends and family. Since their love of whitewater extends to nearly all their friends and to Craig’s family, it was a given that the vehicles lining up at the Confluence Resort for their wedding would be toting a rainbow’s worth of colored kayak shells.

The resort was a fantastic place for a wedding. At the bottom of the hill, there was a path, leading to an overhang with a magnificent view of the river gorge below. That was the setting for the wedding ceremony, conducted by a minister who had known Tiffany since she was a small child. Their reception took place at sunset with a bluegrass band playing the music, a wonderfully appropriate touch for this serene location.

More photos from this wedding are available, as always, on the Facebook page!

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