Christmas Card Outtakes…

Shot the family Christmas Card this weekend. Probably cut it a little too close to lunchtime, and we had a very pouty Caroline to deal with. I worked around her for the most part, and basically got two usable frames of her with siblings, and even that took getting a ham sandwich into her just to pull it off. (Needless to say, those two are in the final product, and not here.)

For those who Kristina has on our list, I won’t blow the surprise of the final card, but I did want to share a couple of my favorite shots of Declan and Audrey. I’m pretty sure the two individual ones here will make it onto our walls in a nice 20×30 or so.

The State of the Schedule…

We’re already deep into booking season for 2009 around here, and I just wanted to give you a feel for what’s available and what’s almost gone at this point. With another June date coming off the board today, late spring is beginning to close up.

These dates are already booked:
March 27, 28
May 9, 16
June 6, 12, 13, 14
July 12, 18
October 9, 10, 11

In addition, I have multiple people looking at each remaining Saturday in May and June, so if you wait for the bridal shows, you may get shut out on your date. On the plus side, I still have April open, and late summer is still relatively untouched, although I expect that to change shortly.

I’m taking appointments for next week to talk about booking, so give me a call at 859.402.0634 right away to reserve a time!

Best. Thanksgiving. Ever. (Also new pricelist information.)

So I’m with the family, visiting my folks in Long Beach, Long Island, and I’ve got a camera out, taking a photo of Caroline, who’s playing with a napkin on top of her head, pretending it’s a Pilgrim woman’s hat, when my brother starts giving a speech. Now, celebrating Thanksgiving with us are Tim’s girlfriend, Nadia, and her family. Well, as soon as Tim starts this, I have a feeling something’s up.

It was.

So, long story short, I’m not available Columbus Day weekend (Oct 9-12), because I get to be a groomsman for once. Congratulations, Tim and Nadia!


In other news, the 2009 pricelist is available on my website. The big news is that I’ve listened to your requests and a coffeetable book is now included in all coverages, with the option to upgrade to a premier quality album that reflects your personal style. Also, included with all premier albums is a DVD of all finished images– there’s no longer a requirement to buy parent books to get the DVD.

The schedule’s filling up quickly for 2009, so call for an appointment right away– next availability for meetings is December 16th.