John and Brittney were already married by the time I met them– they’re students at BYU, and they got married in a Mormon ceremony in Colorado, but they wanted to have a reception in Lexington as well, and they added a little twist, giving each other their rings in a small, private ceremony beforehand.  I got to spend some time doing a portrait session with them before all of the festivities, as well as covering the event itself…













Was going through my RSS reader this morning while Declan was eating breakfast  (Audrey and Caroline are still sleeping in), and I saw that Photo Business News had a link to a great piece on hiring a wedding photographer. A lot of times, these articles are either dated or don’t really bring you any insight into what real photographers are trying to accomplish in their methods, philosophies, and policies.  Evan from went and interviewed a number of photographers in his market (Baltimore/Washington DC), and the result is one of the best articles I’ve seen on what you need to know about wedding photography and what questions you should be asking a shooter when you interview us during the process.

Even though the photographers he talks to are in a different region, pretty much everything they cover applies in any market in America.  Enjoy!


I’ll have a couple of additional inside looks at some of my recent weddings going up on the blog shortly…

When I started off in sports photography, at the end of a basketball season, or after a number of days shooting at the racetrack, all the photos began to look the same to me.  As a result, I’ve always tried to keep doing things outside of my usual boxes in order to stay fresh, and to hone some of the skills that I’m trying to develop that I can apply to my main business areas.

Today was one of those opportunities.  A longtime friend called me up yesterday, saying that someone in marketing at her firm in Manhattan asked her if she knew a photographer for a last minute assignment, and, since I’d done a session with her child a few months back

The assignment was pretty straightforward.  Make a few images of some key people on the trading floor in some work related situations for a brochure the firm was putting out.  The images had to be done quickly, since deadline was the following day, so images would have to be turned around before I left the site, and emailed to marketing, which was in Memphis– meaning that I’d be working without the direction of an art department or anything of the sort.

I was introduced to the four principal subjects, and quickly realized that they regarded this photo shoot as slightly more painful than the average root canal.  I was given some basic ideas about where on the trading floor I could shoot, and a vague idea what they were hoping I might convey.

One of the locations I was given was a desk that was vacant for the day that was in the middle of the floor, meaning I could incorporate a lot of the action around me into the photos.  More importantly, it gave me an opportunity I always seize:  give everyone a chance to start off with something successful.  I set up a studio light right near the desk, and kept a couple of items I thought I might need nearby.  After one or two frames with Carlos, we added a reflector to fill out his face, and the result was a confidence booster for him when he saw the image on the back of the camera.


They asked me to show some collaboration type scenes, and I tried to get input from Carlos and Helena as to what felt genuine rather than staged, and they brought out some documents that they could use as props.


With Bobby, I wanted to give a more relaxed feel to his portrait.  So I let him turn his back to the desk, which I’ve always found gives a confident look to guys.


As we sent some of the initial take back to Memphis, they asked for some specific shots, including one vertical shot with Miyuki, Helena and Carlos, that had to have a video screen in the background.  I went back to that empty desk, and used the same setup from the earlier shot– one light and a reflector is simple, yet does a great job of separating them from the clutter.  I kept encouraging them to get close, not only to keep them in the frame, but to encourage interaction, which gives the photo a little more life.


We ended up swapping the three of them through each spot to give the marketing folks some different psychological feels, but that was essentially it.  Everything was one light, simple, non-intrusive, and kept the distractions for the people working around them to a minimum.

It was a little different to do a job like this without as much direction as I usually get for this type of assignment.  But the people who I was working with, both onsite and in the home office, were flexible and were willing to try things, which makes it fun to do something out of the usual routine.

My blog has been relocated to the front page of… update your links/RSS feed and head there for all the latest news and images from this season!

Some scenes from Neema and Arjun’s three-day Indian wedding in Lexington… those who followed my previous blog may recognize them from their New York engagement session.

…There’s so much to show you from 3 days worth of shooting that I can’t even pretend that a single blog posting will cover it– I recommend you check out the 300+ image extended slide show.

Cover of the July 2009 Kentucky Bride Magazine, shot by Ian Lozada

Cover of the July 2009 Kentucky Bride Magazine, shot by Ian Lozada

One of my highlights this summer was getting to shoot the cover of the current issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine.  Be sure to follow the link to see the magazine online, including my 9 page spread of bridal fashions and stories on two of my recent weddings.  The magazine is available at Barnes and Noble, Joseph Beth Booksellers and Borders, or you can get a copy from me if you schedule an appointment to talk about your upcoming wedding!

Since I have ridiculously bad timing, my web people got my new blogsite live on a day I was driving from Lexington, KY to New York. Give me 24 hours, and we’ll have the site a little more functional.

In the interim, you can reach me at 859.402.0634 (Kentucky) or 516.850.6899 (New York). Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by my booth at the Kentucky Bride show this past Sunday. It was great talking with all of you and hearing about your wedding plans. Congratulations to Rachel Barrett, one of my April 2010 brides, on winning the grand prize of the night at the Castle Post!

Also, let me know if you need a copy of the new issue of Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine– I shot the cover and the bridal fashion shoot inside, and two of my brides are featured in the Real Kentucky Weddings section! If you call now, I’ll mail you a copy right away!

Don’t forget that our show specials expire soon, but if you mention this blog entry when you contact me, you have until July 31st to reserve your date!


I recently put up a full album design over on my Facebook business page. Go take a look!

No, I didn’t Photoshop this, and no, I didn’t borrow it from someone else. Really.

Declan is the only one in the family willing to photographed with me anymore.

With the New York Rangers’ 2-1 Game 4 win over the Washington Capitals last night, the Broadway Blueshirts are guaranteed to survive at least to Game 7, and are pretty good bets to advance to the next round to face the Boston Bruins. As a result, my Pathetic Playoff Beard Fund to benefit Anna House currently stands at $74.

Things I’ve learned/heard so far through this experience:

1. These things itch.
2. Babies like to grab whiskers.
3. My mother asked me how much she’d have to donate to get me to shave it off.
4. I’m pretty sure my oldest daughter is actively rooting against the Rangers at this point. She likes the fact that this money helps other kids have preschool and infant care, but she’s not kissing Daddy anytime soon.
5. Being half-Filipino, I still can’t grow enough beard to look like I just haven’t washed my face yet. Although it grows more on my neck than on my face.
6. I’m a lot more appreciative of the great child care my own kids get. And I’m grateful that unlike the Anna House kids, I’m not having to drop them off at 5AM.

We’re still accepting pledges– you can pledge either to sponsor my attempt to grow something resembling a playoff beard for each day the Rangers are alive, or you can pledge a set amount if you were told there wouldn’t be any math. Contact me at for info or check the Anna House website for donation information.

For more information about Anna House and the Belmont Child Care Association, please visit or click here to see the Anna House video.

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