E-session slideshow: Mary and Donnie, Midway, Kentucky

Mary grew up in Midway, and we really had glorious, warm weather, considering we’d had two absolutely frigid days before this.  Downtown Midway is a really cute town, full of little upscale restaurants and boutiques.  In short, a great place to take some romantic photos.  The other location was by the local mill, and with the recent rains, the little waterfall next to it was more powerful than usual.

Most of these images were captured within a two block radius, but when you pick a place that’s both meaningful to you and has strong visual resonance, you can make a lot out a rather small area.

Slideshow: Julia and Vlad, Brooklyn, New York

There are certain moments that you remember for the rest of your career.  In this case, it was about 45 minutes before the wedding, when the groom came up to me and said, “Ian, I forgot to tell you something.  Entire ceremony in Russian.”

I looked at Vlad and fired off the only phrase I remember from my college Russian class 18 years ago.  I think it translates as “I badly speak in Russian.”  Whatever it means, he laughed, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t accidentally ask him for permission to do something unnatural with his Pomeranian.

Luckily, it was a Jewish wedding, and generally, if you follow the cups, you’ll be pretty good there.

Not the easiest room to shoot in– it’s a nightclub where the area the chuppah was in had a black ceiling overhead.  For a less experienced photographer, it becomes difficult because there’s nowhere to bounce the flash.  I got permission from the rabbi (who’s a bit of a camera enthusiast, so he wanted complete details so he could learn my technique) and hid an off camera flash unit in the chuppah canopy– the white silk turned the whole thing into a giant studio light, with glorious, soft, flattering light.

One of the things that sets the full-time pros apart is the ability to make a quality image in spite of the circumstances.

Sneak wedding peeks: Lacey and Justin, Eastern Kentucky


Got to work with a lot of my favorite  vendors this weekend on Lacey and Justin’s wedding, which took place on a gorgeous indian summer day in Frenchburg.    Lacey put a lot of work into this one, coming up with tons of great details, and got a lot of help bringing them to fruition with Deanna Dillender of Great Expectations handling design and lighting, and Jackie Lee of Every Last Detail making things run smoothly on the coordination end, and Tony the Tiger of Tiger’s DJ Services keeping the party going.

Despite the hectic nature of the very full timeline, I’ll remember the lighthearted moments best from this one:  Lacey holding Justin’s ring for the longest time before it dawned on her that she was supposed to put it on him, or Lacey rocking out to her surprise choice of music for her father-daughter dance– let me tell you, Dad’s look was priceless!  Also loved seeing them find a way to get in a pre-ceremony prayer together while still managing not to see each other beforehand, the touch of having their toast with mini Coke bottles to commemorate their first date… so many great moments!

Take a look at some of the first images to come out of the weekend…

Recent engagements…


Been working on getting some of the fall engagement shoots edited this week, and I’ve got another one coming up Sunday, after I do Lacey and Justin’s wedding on Saturday.

Just thought you might want to see a shot or two from what I’ve been getting recently.

More to come soon!