From Leslie and Stan’s recent nighttime engagement session in snowy Cincinnati…

A little something different for me: did a newborn session for Brittany and Mike, one of my 2008 couples, who recently welcomed baby Drew into the world!

Just a quick image from Jenn and Matt’s wedding this weekend in Ohio– for those of you scoring at home, that’s my 7th state this season, 3rd this month. Beginning to miss my own bed, not to mention Kristina and the kids. But first, off to shoot a newborn session!


I’m still in Lexington through Wednesday for consultations- June and July of next year are booking fast, so call me right away to schedule an appointment!

My brother Tim’s band, The Turbo A.C.’s, swept through Lexington Tuesday night to play Buster’s Billiards and Backroom.  Having shot the back cover of their last album, Live to Win, they were looking forward to having me updates some of their promo photos.  They’re putting the finishing touches on a new album set to drop in October, just in time for their European tour… check them out!

One of the opening acts, The Loaded Nuns

One of the things about weddings is that they often seem to be too familiar after awhile.  You start looking for the same things, you set up in the same places in the aisle, etc.   But then one comes along that busts up all your usual routines, and for me, Meredith and Aaron’s wedding certainly did that.

Their original plan involved a small ceremony in a nearby state park, but someone pointed out that there was no alternate location at that site if the weather turned sour, and boy, was that a good call.  The day turned out to have a light, but steady, drizzle, and instead of fighting the weather, we got a charming venue that was perfect for the intimate size of the gathering and promised fun for all.

It’s that time of year again– I’m knee deep in editing this summer’s weddings while trying to schedule meetings to talk with brides about next spring’s weddings (plus a couple still for this fall!), which hasn’t left lots of time for blogging, especially if I want the kids to remember who that guy who shows up every other week is. I think my wife remembers who I am, but I’ve been on the road lots this season– six different states this year.

I’m overdue for a real wedding post, and you’ll see a new quirky one tomorrow – the ceremony took place on a carousel in Massachussetts!

Also tomorrow (Tuesday August 17), my brother’s Tim’s band, the Turbo A.C.’s, invade Lexington. They’re playing Buster’s Billiards down in the Distillery District, and you know I’d love to see a great turnout for them here in their only Kentucky appearance. If you’re a new bride that we haven’t booked yet and you introduce yourself to me at the show, I’ll give you a substantial gift card towards your wedding photography– trust me, it’ll be a lot bigger than the price of admission, even if you bring your whole wedding party!

As for the promised fun in this post, I was on Improv Everywhere’s site and saw this great mission from last year, where they throw a surprise wedding reception for a couple getting married at City Hall… Enjoy!

I’ve been sitting on this one since April for a reason, and it’s finally time to bring this one out for view– Tara and Glenn’s wedding is featured on page 48 of the new issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine, out tomorrow, to coincide with Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride bridal show at the Lexington Convention Center (1-5p, Bluegrass Ballroom).

I had a blast shooting this one with longtime associate Jennifer Creed, who’s now setting up shop down in Nashville. The day started at the Campbell House for preparations, including hair by Sara Drury of the Jon-Beck Salon and makeup by the always awesome Ana Crane-Simpson, before we headed down to Calvary Baptist on a trolley. After the brief ceremony, we headed to the Round Barn at Red Mile for the reception, and everyone tells me they’ve never seen the Round Barn look so good, and part of the credit has to go to Charles Ray, who did the flowers. The cake was by Judy Myers of Delectable Edibles, and Domino provided the evening’s soundtrack. The event was held together by the always capable Jackie Lee of Every Last Detail.

I could go on posting images from this wedding all night, but nothing matches seeing it in print, so go pick up your copy of Kentucky Bride today!

Another hectic week around here having just gotten back from Michelle and David’s wedding up in Rochester this weekend.  Michelle was one of my wife Kristina’s college roommates at Syracuse, so this one was a labor of love.  Of course, any weekend up in the Rochester/Syracuse area means we had some boxes to check off, like a post wedding dinner of takeout from the local edition of the Dinosaur Bar-B-Q, introducing the kids to Heid’s of Liverpool the next day, but mainly catching up with old friends.

Since we’re getting ready to have Caroline’s preschool graduation (I’m not ready for this) and a wedding up in the Amherst, MA area this weekend, I’ve only got a couple to show you from this weekend, and I’ve still got a bit of the last Real Weddings post to get uploaded soon, but click through to see more from this weekend’s festivities!

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How much did I love this wedding? Start with a stellar venue for prep time– Rachel got ready at the lovely Swann’s Nest bed and breakfast located just a mile beyond Keeneland on the way out towards Versailles.

She and John had their first meeting that day on the grounds there and it was a superb place for portraits.

Her Vera Wang dress was stunning– easily one of the top 5 dresses I’ve seen on any bride in my career, New York or Kentucky or anywhere else– more importantly, the way she just started bursting with a mix of joy and confidence when she stepped into it… simply breathtaking.

Combine that with an Orthodox Christian wedding, with its own sense of mystery in its rituals, the crowns, the incense, the room full of traditional iconography… you end up with a wedding that really stands out in its uniqueness here in the Bluegrass.

I’m so in love with this wedding that this look at it will be a two-parter, so that you can focus on the beauty of the first half of the day before diving into the fun of the reception next week! Click through for more images from this one after the jump…

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