New Year’s Resolutions…


Like a lot of people, I do a bit of end of the year evaluating, at least when it comes to the photography business.

My lovely bride Kristina got me a book by Joe Buissink for Christmas, Wedding Photography from The Heart.  Joe has always been one of the photographers whose work inspires me most, and as I read the book, I started to realize that there are two things I’ve gotten away from over the last year, delivering lots of black and white photographs, and sometimes, turning all the flash units off, and making a natural light photograph, even I sacrificed a little shutter speed to get it.  The two really go hand in hand, because my favorite natural light photographs have always been my black and whites.  Two years ago, I delivered usually about 25% black and white or sepia toned images, and as of late, the number had been a lot closer to 10%.

That’s going to change this year, I think.  While I pride myself on my ability to create light and natural looking color when I need it, I’ve always felt that when you take the color out of an image, sometimes you let the emotion back in.

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