Vendors We Love: BoogieJuice

There’s a certain progression to how the wedding booking process goes.  First, the venue– if you don’t have your reception site booked, you don’t really have a wedding date yet.  Next, people tend to see the photographers, because we book up quickly.  For most people, the next decision is DJ or band.  While most people opt for DJ’s for budget reasons, there’s nothing that compares to a really good band at a wedding.  Since I’ve started shooting primarily in Kentucky, I haven’t had a band that I could recommend without reservations.

Until now.

I was working a more intimate bridal show yesterday at the Galt House in Louisville, aimed at a multicultural audience.  With my wide background, it was a natural fit for me.  During the show, instead of having a DJ pump in some music to set the mood, there was a band… and what a band it was.  BoogieJuice showed a wide range of musical stylings, from classic 70’s disco to swing, a couple of great Prince songs from the 80’s, and even produced a beautifully slow rendition of Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions’ “People Get Ready.”

They played stuff that was perfect for every point in the reception, whether it be something as simple as some music to transition out of dinner time, to the stuff that calls everyone out on the dance floor.

Speaking with singer Maurice Hamilton after the bridal show ended, I found out that they often play in Lexington and even go as far as Richmond for gigs.  I highly recommend them for your reception, and you can contact them at or call them at 513.652.2358, and as always, let them know I recommended you!

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