Ann-Maria and Kevin: first engagement session of the new year!

We’re a week away from our first wedding of the year, and today is that happiest of days around here– the two big lenses just arrived from Canon’s clean ‘n’ check service– it’s like having new equipment, really.

Last month, I did an engagement session with Ann-Maria and Kevin, this week’s bride and groom, at Talon Winery.  I was really looking forward to this one, but while I was packing the bags that morning, I get a call from our good friend, wedding planner Jackie Lee of Every Last Detail– it seem the hair & makeup person is down with the flu and we need a replacement on the fly.  We get on Facebook and Twitter, and start crowdsourcing like crazy.  Well, Jackie got a hold of Deata Sexton Gregory from the The Wedding Center (warning for those at work– website has music autoplaying), who took Ann-Maria in on short notice and did an awesome job with a nice, understated feel on the makeup that was perfect for Ann-Maria.  Can’t say enough about the job she did, and it only knocked us about 20 minutes off schedule, too.

Had one adjustment I had to make– this was mid February, and while it was unseasonably warm (I walked around in a t-shirt!), that didn’t mean we had any greenery around.  Your choices were stark… and stark.  I decided to grab some flowers and some fabric ribbon beforehand and quickly put together a couple of bouquets to add just a little splash of color.  It also helped that Ann Maria wore some nice strong colors that helped her stand out against the backgrounds.

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