Family portraits: The Toyoda Family, Central Park, New York City

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I realize it doesn’t look like it here on the website (a few of our contracts have had non-disclosure clauses in them), but it’s been a very busy fall here at Lozada Visuals.  We’ve been running around with the video equipment a lot on some commercial projects, and done some red carpet work for a Romanian news agency (don’t ask), and October was pretty much all weddings and bar mitzvahs.

So it’s nice to have something I can finally put on here.


I’ve known Suke for about a decade now.  Well, “known” is a grey area, I suppose, since I only actually met him for the first time in person yesterday.  We both had been regulars on a message board for soccer fans throughout the world (He supports Liverpool, I support Arsenal), and we have similar senses of humor, so we’ve talked lots over the years on BigSoccer and on Facebook.  Our kids are all in the same basic age bracket, too.

This weekend, I got a note from him:  I need some family photos done quick, we had a bit of a disaster going to the mall photo people.  No problem, we set up a time to get together, and away we go.  When I arrived, Suke and his little guy Kieran were still waiting for his wife Maureen and daughter Josie to emerge from the playground, but Kieran turned it on right away, and by the time big sister joined him, it was clear why they’d had problems with mall portraits:  The kids wanted to love the camera, but they needed to be themselves and move, not sit still for perfect poses.


We spent about 90 minutes letting the kids show their personalities, letting them interact with Mom and Dad, letting them be free to be themselves.  If that meant Kieran would brandish a stick every chance he got, that was OK, because this is the way his parents will this stage of his development– his favorite toys really are sticks.  And Josie, she’s a performer.  She loves the attention, but she also loves to sit and debate silly things with Daddy, and there’s great stuff in that interaction, too.

More pictures after the jump…



As I’m going through the photos, I’m trying to bang out individual portraits of each family member, as well as both kids with each parent, both singly and with their sibling, and I asked Maureen and Suke to get in a portrait of just the two of them.

Maureen told me in the midst of this, that they’d never really had a chance to do pictures like that, just the two of them.  They’d had a courthouse wedding and hadn’t had pictures done.  So, while the usual family portraits are great, I’d like to think that by having these last few images, I was able to give them something special they hadn’t anticipated… a few images to tell the love story still going on amidst the parenting.


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