Everything old is new again…

We were supposed to be phasing out the old banner from Ian Lozada Photography. Really, we were. But when the center banner from our new bridal show booth got lost in shipping from the printers and a replacement failed to arrive in time for the Metro Bridal Show, we were forced to use the old banner one more time. Those of you who were sharp enough to use our QR code were sent to the new website, where you were routed straight to the show specials.

In case you were wondering what the new banner was supposed to look like:

As you can imagine, over 170 weddings in 11 different states over the last 6 seasons, I’ve learned a little bit about making the best of it when things don’t work out the way they were planned, which is a very good skill to have in the business of weddings.

Can’t wait to hear from you about your plans!