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…that there’s been a change in the branding on the images in our posts. We’re phasing out the name Ian Lozada Photography, as part of integrating my brother and his filmmaking into our company. While Tim is primarily going to be shooting on our New York area assignments, he’ll be storyboarding and editing all of our wedding documentaries– we have a couple of key partnerships who provide the camera work on our films in other cities like Lexington. For more information on what your film could look like, please call Ian anytime at 888.577.6355.


We were doing formals today with Leslie and her bridesmaids before her wedding, when all of the sudden, the sprinklers from Griffin Gate Marriott kicked on without warning.  Fortunately, no brides were soaked in the making of this wedding.  But we all had a really good laugh about it.

We’ve re-released all 2011 and 2010 events on Pictage for those of you looking to place an order for Mother’s Day. If your event is not available (or you’d like a previous event available), please call at 888.577.6355.

The folks at Vonage have screwed up my account somehow since I moved a Long Island phone number to Optimum Voice. I’m temporarily only available at 516.850.6899 until I get this squared away.

UPDATE: Situation resolved. 859.402.0634 is back up and running. I’m gonna go double up on my blood pressure meds now.

I realize we’ve been relatively quiet on the blog for the last week and a half.  I’ve been cleaning up a few things on the internal pages of the blogsite, but more importantly, I’ve been hashing out the details on a really exciting change we’re going to be making here.  For those of you who are already customers, it won’t change any of your experience with us, but for those of you who are looking at us for upcoming weddings, it will mean more options, and more ways to tell your story, all while staying true to our Love Unscripted vision.

Interested to know what we’re hiding behind the curtain yet?  We can’t wait to show you, either.

Here’s the valentine card Caroline’s handing out in kindergarten today…

Hope this is a year for all of you to celebrate someone who you love, no matter how big or small. Also, congratulations to all of you who are getting engaged today!

Take a look at some of the wedding things we’re looking at today after the jump…

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If you’re holding one of the Ian Lozada Photography gift cards given out by many Lexington wedding venues, you may have noticed that they expired with the new year. Well, fear not… we’re extending the expiration on them for new bookings through the end of January. 20 days left… don’t delay! Call to set up your consultation today!

… had some of the things that hold this banana stand go boom and now my dropdown menus and photos are all over the place– of course it happens while the web developer is out of the office till Friday. Whoopsie.

Our good friends over at Jacki Allen’s Kentucky Bride are asking for help with a survey they’ve got going to help guide them content-wise, and they’re offering a free year of Jazzercise to one lucky bride. Click here for details.

The show specials link in our email marketing piece didn’t work.  You can see them at — thanks for your patience!

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